Birch Kitchen Trolley Cleanup (IKEA BEKVÄM)

I thought I’d try my first build log with a (hopefully) simple furniture cleaning and treatment project. I have a kitchen trolley from IKEA that has followed me to several houses and the top surface looks a bit stained and dirty from the years. Now that it’s in its 3rd home, I thought it would be a good time to take it to BMS to sand down the top surface and treat the enter trolley with wood oil.

I’ve taken some pictures of the trolley after giving the whole thing a wipe-down with soapy water.

I’ll use an orbital sander to sand down the top and remove all the oil and stains to reveal the raw birch underneath. Then I’ll coat the entire trolley with Kitchen Timber Oil from Bunnings. That should keep the raw wood look and protect it from any spills or stains in the future.

I plan to use it as a drinks trolley, with my alcohol and mixers in the under-storage and a cocktail shaker with utensils and glasses on top.

I’ll be transporting this to BMS tomorrow to do the sanding and treatment. Check in next time for the final results :crossed_fingers:


Nice to see you working on one if your own projects :grinning:

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Yesterday I took the trolley into BMS and did some sanding in the woodshop. You can see how much of the staining was removed with the sander.

Using the orbital sander was a bit time-consuming, I had to strip down a lot of the top surface to remove the existing stains. I also had to use the fine-grit sanding disc on the entire trolley to prepare the surface for the wood oil. Unfortunately, the sander doesn’t have a corner tool so I couldn’t get all the surfaces.

I applied the first coat of timber oil to the trolley but I forgot to get a photo, however, I will take a photo of it after it’s been drying for 24 hours.

So far the whole process has been pretty pain-free (except for my poor back when bending down to apply the wood oil :man_in_manual_wheelchair:t4:)

The first coat of oil came out beautifully! I’m super happy with the gorgeous golden colour the timber has taken on :yellow_heart:. It’s going to harmonise so well with the golden tray and cocktail shaker I plan to display on top of the trolley.

I’ve put a second coat of oil over it and will let it dry before I bring it back home. The next (and last) update will be the final setup with the display items in my apartment :grin:.

It looks like you’re getting alot of joy out of the project, its good to see :heart_eyes:

What did you use as oil?

@Zak_Crow I used Feast Watson Kitchen Timber Oil. It bills itself as a Tung oil blend that’s food safe, which is desirable for something that might get alcohol spilled on it. :cocktail:

I have found their stains to be very reliable too. It is good to know their oils are of the same standard. I might try their wax, i would love to see and feel its finish.