Bokuto No Budo

Im in the process of setting up an etsy shop called Bokuto No Budo - martial art of the wooden sword. Where i will sell japanese styled wooden training swords manufactured at BMS.

My main desire in creating this forum post is as a log, communication and accountability.

-a log so people can see the cool stuff that can be produced with our facilities
-communication thats all in one place so the bread crum trail is clear.
-accountability so that if i am over using tools or have dulled blades, we know who dun it, and it can be address easily.

For referance, i will only be leaning on a jig saw, the router table, belt sander, and orbital sander, all of which with my own blades, sanding pads and belts.

If i have not been decieved by my inability to make numbers work properly, i have material for 8 sets of swords displays. One set includes, long sword, short sword, knife, and wooden display rack. 8 x 4 = lots of numbers. Which is the main reason im writing this post. i will move on to membership tier appripriate for commercial use and aim for accountable use of equipment.

Im not always “yay transparency” but when it comes to use of a communal area, i prefer to respect and communicate the arse out of things.

Any questions please ask them, otherwise… pictures of cool sruff are comming soon…

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Nog / brendan made the template for me that is used to make the consisten arc of the swords and knife

Here is a picture of some of the purple heart i will be buying soon for the first batch of sword.

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As part of this project, im concisering making a semmi permanent loan of a display set of wooden swords to BMS.

Would this be accepted? And would a shelf top/bench top or wall mount be more suitable? I can definitely find the room if we want it, and i would obviously look after maintenance, etc

Whats the feed back?

Looking good! More display trinkets are always welcome :wink:

I think they’d look great mounted on the walls. :slight_smile:

Then it will be done!


it will make 2 perfect sets of wooden swords of the heart of the timber, which is purple, and a 3rd set including the white sap wood, which willl be a gift for a friend.

When i sell the 2 sets made of the purple heart timber ill be able to buy more wood, to make more cool stuff, so people can have more cool stuff!!


Im just cutting up some leather (left) to make the guards (right) for the wooden swords!

Im useing a 3d printed template a friend kindly made for me, to navigate around my poor computer skill!!

Here are the 4 knuckle guards/tsuba for the first set of swords and knife.

They a re designed to slide up the handle/tsuka and wedge fit bellow the blade. I’ll use a polyurethane varmish to gloss them and and finish them off


So… we tried using a table saw to cut these planks down to correct width on the table saw. But it was hard to make a straight cut. However, considering the hardness of the wood, and how dull the blade was, it was making easy cuts. It was just orientating and controling the large timber was a pain in the ass.

i tried to chomp the planks width down to size in a benchtop thicknesser. This was basicaly a fail, whether it was the hardness of the wood or the dullness of the blades i dont know.

The next option is to bring in my small electric hand planer. It has never been used, so the blades are still fresh. Hopefully, that will sheef down the planks to correct width.

If that fails???

Here is the timber. The purple is purple heart wood (brazil) and the black and brown one is wenge (African?).