People who have known me long enough might remember that in another location I organised a cleaning service rather than use the goodwill of volunteers on unfun and unfulfilling tasks like cleaning. As I’m about to start looking for a professional cleaner for our event next month, I thought I would raise the question of it being a regular, monthly thing and get other’s thoughts and opinions.

Also, if this is something that BMS cannot currently afford, it’s something I would be happy to donate extra towards, because I enjoy having a clean space without the pressure of being the one that cleans it.

Here’s the list of tasks that I think a professional cleaner could do in an hour:

  • Vacuum the stairs
  • Wipe doorknobs
  • Wipe tables
  • Dust decorative items
  • Clean the toilet, sink and bathroom floor
  • Clean the kitchenette
  • Wipe the vending machine glass

(Basically, no need for them to go near tools, the crafting bookshelves, or the woodshop)

Most cleaning services charge about $60/ph, this might also be something that another volunteer member may be willing to take on. What does everyone else think?

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I like the idea of delegating work to a source thats is obligated to getting it done. Opposed to volunteers who may not have the same high standards of processional cleaners.

It is something i would love to do personaly, but my cleaning skills are rubbish. It is also very generous for you to offer funding it.

All arguments aside, i would love to see this get done. Thanks a million :heart_eyes:

Yeah I’d love a cleaner, for all the reasons you listed. At the moment it’s mainly myself doing a pretty poor job keeping everything clean! We can’t really afford one at the moment, but if a few people wanted to add an extra ~$20 or so to their monthly payments we could definitely make it work.

Volunteers cleaners (ie in lieu of membership) have never worked well because most people who take it up are not professionals and are not getting directly paid for it so I’d be hesitant to suggest that as an option.

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Emily said she was happy to cover the bill once a month. But to alleviate stress, i would happily pay another $20 a month to get a professional cleaner in.

So count me on the tally :grinning:

Lol. Don’t mind me folks. SNAFUing posts is just the beginning of my talents…

No SNAFU at all! This is why I posted, I wanted to get other’s ideas and thoughts on the problem, I figured there would be more discussion at the next meeting before making a decision, but posting ahead of time gives people chance to think :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Phil we had a discussion internally on the best way to approach members volunteering in exchange for membership as we’ve had problems in the past doing this.

I’ve drafted a “Working Members” policy which is part of our fee schedule. We’ll chat about it and hopefully approve it at the meeting on Monday, but you can see a draft here.

Let us know if you have any thoughts / if you’d still be interested in an arrangement like that. :slight_smile: