Donation of lathe and bench


I bought a lathe recently, which i would like to donate to bms, and I’m lining up a donation of various goodies, which involve a bench suitable to mount the lather on. This bench comes with a hard wood top, and will be ideal to bear the vibrational stress of the lathe, unlike the benches we currently have.

The bench may have a different height compared to our current benches, and i know we wanted them to all be universal. In this case i see it as irellevant, because the bench will only be used for the lathe with the lathe permenantly bolted to it. It wont be modular, or have any need to line up with other benches.

It is like compairing the pedestal band saw to the table saw. The pedestal band saw is what it is, and canot be made modilar to suit another application.

If there are any other questions please note them here, so we can have discussion prior to the meeting.

FYI. The donation is from a friend, Bobby Hale who runs the fb group brisbane social woodworking, and is an xmember of another workshop recently closed/closing.