First light

First light is a desk, (donated by BMS), with a firery star carved into it, with various branches stretching out across its surface.

After i chisel out the braches and central crater i will burn them in to create a rocky, and some what chaotic feature. This will the be filled with LEDs and yellow and red resins. And probably some holographic gliter (which is uv stable, unlike craft glitter)

After this madness, the frame and legs of the table will be chiselled, burnt and stained black to maintain the chaotic nature of fire and to connect the features of the star to the rest of the table.

Then it will be for sale :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes:

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Half way through the chiseling!!!

This is an art piece i hooe to sell. It is a big ass desk, so deep, that it was probably used for consultations, like at a doctors office, accountants office etc

I like the name first light. It is poignant, and evocative for imagery and ideas, which will tie the whole piece together.

The work will be a burning star, carved into the table, with leds layed in, burried with resing. The table will other wise be stained black. The idea here is to create a focal point, where the eye doesnt need to look else where and just sees the firery star and the contrasting black.

To me, it is not only the first blast of creation from an incredible impenetrable darkness, it is also the spark of life that came to be after eons of mindless dead matter, was processed around and around and around… it is also the spark in the mind. The first spark, that if followed would lead one to a greater act of kindness, or down a better line in life it is where we will have been given the chance to walk a more fulfilling way, for everybody.

If we ignore this latter blast of light, then we ignore the eons of dead matter that took eons to come to the arival of life. We also ignore the mind shattering depth of dark that existed for an infinity before matter and energy exploded into existance.

Respect your heritage, take the chance, and embrace First Light

The carving of the star is nearly done! After that, I’ll be on to burning the star in with a blow torch. Then there’s leds and resin!!

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I finaly made the arrangements for purchasing resins and a heap of electronics gear and equipment!

This is the first time i have seen 2 toned holographic resin pigment at fair prices. It will be the base layer in the burnt out star, that i have nearly finished chiseling into a desk top.

As far as all the electrical gear, I dont know what it does. I gave my vision to @nog3 , who engineered a plan so simple that even i could make it, then dumbed down the explanation so even i would understand it.

One of the ways long term and short term memory loss effects me, is not only do i forget the shit i just learnt, i have less retention of information to begin with. So there’s less info to retain in the moment, and then whats left mostly gets forgotten tomorrow. So it makes learning new things extremely hard.

Regardless, i will make cool shit and here are some piccies of the products

One of the things im looking forward to useing on this project, is holographic glitter.

I have never used it before, only crappy craft glitter, which fades quickly and badly in the sun. Where as the holographic glitter is uv stable.

You can read this, it explains stuff better than i can lol.

I have nearly finished the chiseling!!

Next i have to chisel out the centre, throuh the other side, to give it added depth. Then i burn the tracks in, do a clean up, seal the wood and start laying led strips!! :grinning:

The chiseling is done!!

This is the first time i have felt positive about this project since starting the chiseling. The centre, that will be filled with resin directs the branches to the centre, and gives the eye direction and orientation to the centre as well.

Next to burn the tracks in, and prepair for the layers of resin to be poured in! :star_struck::heart_eyes: