FISH. Bubbles the Oscar

Why is there so much hatred for the Oscar?

It literally lives inside a stationary tank. It does not defecate or slobber on things, it does not chew things. It lives inside a transparent box. Next to a support beam. Out of the way. If you don’t like it, just ignore it. It’s not that hard.

I’m still a new member (3 months), but with what comments I have heard about the fish, I half expect to come in one day and see them all floating upside down in there. It’s very very easy to kill fish.

Don’t forget there is a camera mounted in the room.

The tank was brought in by (including all the filters and huge amounts of stuff to support and maintain the tank), I know Jaimyn was/is feeding him, I know some people did some tank scrubbing, and now I am learning how to feed and look after them. I’m learning about the filters and their bio components. I’ve even spent my OWN money on some stuff and treats.

There is a budget line item for the Fish.

It’s good feng shui to have a tank. Ever notice all the fish tanks in the fancy Chinese Dentist offices (as an example), you know the ones with cars that cost more than most make in a year. Yeah, they bring luck.

It’s calming.

Those looking after it are being responsible for another living being. It’s also one of the reasons why I am at BMS so often. To check on ALL the fish. I know their preferred food. The little fish recognise my hand and don’t run away when I move things in the tank.

So if you hate the fish. Just focus your attention onto something else.

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People are just jealous they don’t have their own fish called Bubbles!

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I find that really disapointting. Oscar/bubble is a member of bms, and should be treated with all due reapects.

“You should never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” Einstein

And i love that you have taken control of looking after him and the rest of the tank. You have done a stellar job!