Space Bike for my 1/3 scale doll

Figured I would post something here, as this looks like it’s going to be a lot more complex than just print and glue. I found Lister’s bike (Red Dwarf) on Thingiverse. I was looking for some sort of bike for my dolls, but buying a 1/3 scale replica is probably the same cost as a small second hand human car. So I’m going to give it a go in 3D printing. The scale is 250% Based on the reach needed from the seat to the handlebars

So far I have printed the wheels in black which worked out great. Handlebars attempt 1 spaghettied, so hopefully a rotation and attempt 2 will work.
I cut the mesh in half for the “chassis” in Blender (I still don’t know what I’m doing and Google instructions are not helping, but I’m trying to learn), and so far the rear chassis half is still on the printer.

I was going to send the engine to print, but it was a 77hr print! So that got nixed. Braining now how to make the engine from various other craft parts, but so far thinking plastic tubes, craft board, wood.

Photos of the original bike and the thingiverse file (thing:4783622)


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Printed it out at 250% based on the distance from the seat to the handlebars - to match the doll’s arm length. Seems the bike is not in scale to itself. Would need longer chassis and longer handlebars. But, I will work with what I have, and just add two extra foot rests rather than cutting off and moving the existing ones. Then it would also be easier to pose the doll as it would become a better rest for the feet.
Took a photo of the bits as they are, not joined.
Thinking of drilling little holes and adding wire to connect the parts. Might mod the seat too, but will see how it goes once it’s all together. Have salvaged bits of the spaghettied handlebars so the best of both prints will be Frankensteined.
Added a doll body so you can see how she sits. She’s a fashion doll proportion wise, so ALL legs (just her legs are 30cm). Just like real super models.