Wandering around with a sword

Hi All!

I plan to bring a sword shaped bit of metal in, in about a month. This will be to continue its gradual growth to become a real sword. So i want to check with people regards any concerns with that.

At this point it will always be blunt, i will blade it at home, and it will look like a piece of flat bar with a curve (japanese swords have a curve). It will be worked in the woodshed, and will not use any woodshop tools, except in the odd case where i can exchange a blade like on the trim router.

The flanks need smoothing out, which i will likely do with an belt grinder that i will bring in.

The handle will be made and fitted in the shop, which is the only part that can be used on general tooling, it being made ir wood and resin.

I wont keep the handle fitted, as that is likely to really look like im wantering around with a sword. The blade and handle will be wrapped with towel if going between the woodshop and the main shop, to disguise it, or when it is unattended.

The only dubious part will be fitting the sheath, because to make a quality fit, the metal needs tapering into a blade and will therefore be sharp. But im happy to address that after a shit load of work has been done, and the problems of how the fuck to cut, grinde and shape titanium have been address.

I know some people are knife/weapon shy, so this post is more about how to be reasonably appropriate for those people. As well as how to be appropriate in other ways i may have missed.

This is all work i have done before at another workshop, but im open to new perspectives :slight_smile: i look forward to everyones feed back!!