Wedding Event for Emily and Brendan- 29/02/2024

Hi everyone,

Brendan and I are planning to use the space on Thursday 29th of February for our wedding. We are happy to pay the space $800 for 24 hours of use, and for professional cleaners before and after. It’s an evening event, but we will need to set up and tear down- we plan on doing both the ceremony and reception at BMS, and will have 30 guests, plus celebrant, photographer and streamer.

We’re really excited to create our one-off event here, and make memories!

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For context, this was promised to them before we became a NFP when I was still in charge of these sorts of things. It’s hard to knock back a rental fee of that amount for one night as it will significantly help cashflow that month so I said of course. It’s a pretty good deal for us too. I’m all for it and am happy to facilitate access etc. on the night as a representative of BMS.

To be super clear the proposal is that @nog3 and @Pommygirl are granted exclusive use of the upstairs area for the night with payment/conditions mentioned in their post. Members will not be able to access the upstairs area during this time and myself (the head maker) will be onsite and facilitate access if a member needs to urgently retrieve belongings.

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I’ve spoken to @Pommygirl more to get all the details so here is a formal motion to be voted on at the next general meeting.

Given their proposed fee is ~1/3 of our monthly rent I think it’s a pretty good deal, and makes for a really nice “feel good” story (a wedding - AT OUR MAKERSPACE - how cool!). This is roughly market rates for this kind of space but they said they’d rather contribute that money to the association rather than a nearby commercial business :heart: which is pretty generous.

The basement is not impacted and members can still access that area as normal. If members know they will need to access a certain tool on that day, let me know in advance and I can move it downstairs.

Motion: that @Pommygirl and @nog3 are granted exclusive use of the BMS upstairs area and our parking spaces from 10am Thursday 29th Feb to 6am Friday 30th Feb for a private event (their wedding!). They will be charged $800 dollarydoos and be required to pay for professional cleaners to come through after the event and are responsible for any damage etc. I will be on site as the head maker to facilitate emergency access for members if necessary and reasonable.