Zak Crow's Indystry metal CNC

Hi All

This is the build log and chat area for the construction of my desktop metal cutting cnc.

I’ve purchased all of the hardware, including the expensive spindle/motor/spindle router, whatever its called. So even though other people with electrical knowledge with be wireing it all together, it will remain my property. The exchange is it gets to be used freely by bms and its members for the duration of my time as a member.

Here is the home page with all the info needed for this open source build

Preliminary list of proposed steps for this based on an initial inspection. More than happy to take any corrections or suggestions!

  1. Stocktake
    • Frame - ~300x400 print bed. Some minor re-securing/replacement of screws et al to be finalised.
    • Spindle - model/wattage TBC - I think 800W? ER16 collets.
    • Motors - 6 wire variant. Will need to check how to connect up to the 4 pin shield.
    • Board - Arduino Uno R3 & CNC shield/stepper drivers. Working assumption that cnc.js will be interface using this set up.
    • Power supply - includes rotary switch for spindle RPM
    • Electronics cabling - not fully terminated. Still to check what ferrules, crimpers, connectors required to finish. TBC if easier to purchase new?
    • Power cabling - still to review how to complete without exposed connections.
  2. Mechanical (re)assembly
  3. Wiring up motors/arduino/shield
  4. Power supply connection
  5. Arduino firmware and function tests
  6. Print bed
  7. Test cuts (timber + aluminium)
  8. User trials
  9. Any other improvements required (e.g. enclosure if focusing on aluminium, limit switches etc)