Equipment loan to BMS - Laser, vinyl cutter

G’day all,

I have a laser cutter and a 53In vinyl cutter at home that would be nice to have elsewhere. I propose to loan these to BMS on an ongoing basis at the least 6 months.

For context, I am attempting to start up a service-based/ gym-style makerspace in West End some time in the short/ medium term. These tools, and more, have been purchased as a way to immerse myself in the operation but not necessarily use on a daily basis.

About the equipment:
The laser is a Vevor 700x500mm CO2 laser, upgraded with a 75W Reci laser tube & power supply, a rotary attachment, chiller, quiet blower fan, chamber sealing, stronger built-in air-assist, fire extinguisher, and self-levelling is planned to be retrofitted in the near future. It also includes a basic Windows 10 PC with a lightburn license. I’ve never used the rotary attachment but aim to make it user-friendly and fast to install when required. Purchased Aug 23.
The vinyl cutter is a 53In Vevor unit. It also includes a basic PC with Signmaster installed. Its a little boring compared to a laser cutter but it can do big artwork. Purchased Oct 23.

Servicing and maintenance:
A big benefit of me owning these machines is to gain a true appreciation for the service and maintenance therefore, I’ll be performing these myself. Maybe take turns doing the weekly cleaning for both lasers if that helps anybody?

I don’t expect BMS to cover accidental damage. BMS policies and inductions should help prevent accidental damage and any purposely malicious acts will be followed up directly, though I highly doubt that will be necessary with the current culture.

Firstly I’d like to be able to use either laser (just in case mine is occupied) at $0/hr. I currently use it 1-5 hours per month and will donate at the current rate if this were to change significantly.
Secondly, that BMS decides whether to charge an hourly rate for the laser’s usage and keeps all revenue if so.
Finally, logistics. I’ll be hiring a van on 26 and 27th Feb but would need a hand or two moving the laser. Earlier is good too although I would need someone with a van/ ute. I could bring in the vinyl cutter any time.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Thats a very awesome and generous thing to do.

I cannot say anything officialy, as the officials have to have an official discussion about weather or not they give the official stamp of official approval.

However the Crow approve!

Thanks Zak. Im hoping it helps BMS more than it helps me.

Hi Dan!

I have raised this to be discussed in our next meeting monday 5th. Appologies that the gears move a bit slowly. Hopefully we can pass this on the 5th, then we’ll just have to work out the details afterward. :grinning:

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Hey Zak, et al,

Were there any objections to loaning my equipment to BMS?

There wer objections to the vinyl cutter, because we dont feel we will get the use out of it.

There some questions people wanted answered about integrating the laser cutter. And we need that sorted before anyone casts a vote on it. Ill get back to you on that shortly. :grinning:

There were no obections to you loaning the equipment per se, just about use and integration of the equipment

We are happy to have the laser cutter. It will stay downstaires untill the 29th because up staires is booked out for a wedding. Otherwise bms needs a signed doccument regards expectations and so on.

It might be helpful if you follow that up with Jaimyn or Adam. It has been voted and accepted, it just needs the paperwork. Which brings me to the end of my powers in the matter. But hit me up if you need help otherwise :grinning:

Ok, thanks for your help Zak!