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Electronics Electronics is responsible for all of our electronics prototyping, assembly and test equipment! Bench-top power supplies, soldering irons, oscilloscopes, etc. are all Electronics tools. Woodwork Woodwork is responsible for anything involving timber! The table saw, wood drill press, bandsaw, etc. are all Woodwork tools. Digital Fabrication Digital Fabrication is responsible for anything that starts on a computer and ends up as a physical thing! 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC router, etc. are all digital fabrication tools. Infrastructure Infrastructure is responsible for anything core to BMS operations that’s not specific to another working group! WiFi, access swipe system, servers, security cameras, etc. are all Infrastructure. Safety At BMS we have a transparent and blame free safety culture. All members are encouraged to speak up when they identify something that may be a safety issue (even if they caused it themselves). Any potential or actual safety issues that you identify can be raised with the safety working group by posting a new topic in this category. Arts and Craft Arts and Craft is responsible for anything artsy or craftsy that doesn’t fit into another working group! The sewing machine, cricut, knitting kit, etc. are all Arts and Craft tools. Community
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