I Propose a Deal


Not a member as such, but I’ve been around for a while, regularly run workshops at BMS and a lot of you know me.

At the moment I bring all my component spares (thousands of components) every time I run a workshop because BMS doesn’t have any. While I’m obviously ok with this, I’d like to propose a deal. I figure somebody else can bring it at a meeting as I won’t be able to make any.

Basically, if BMS can purchase some component organizers, I’m happy to start filling them up. I’ll happily buy an additional 100-200 resistors every time I do a parts order, as well as common value capacitors. These are all Royal Ohm 1% metal films, Faratronic MKTs, JB electro’s, etc. These entirely belong to BMS, will stay at BMS, and be for the use of any BMS members/guests.

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Do you have any particular organisers in mind or is any organiser fine? I do have a 24 slot electronics organiser that is gather dust in my house that I would be happy to donate to BMS to store bulk parts like TH resistors and capacitors, LEDs, buttons, etc.

We also had a free-standing organiser donated that’s currently sitting near the front door. It’s got a bunch of random electronics parts that need to be binned/kept and put into service.

That sort of thing works fine. I have 3D printed sets of drawers that are basically just a more compact version of that. If they’re modular and can expand, even better.

I’ll start with the more common sizes, but happy to try and fill up the full E24 series over time.

I’ve also spoken to Jaimyn and Brendan, but I’ve just bought BMS a few good quality soldering stations, tip tinner and heaps of flush cutters. I don’t know if there’s ‘official’ paperwork to me donating them, but I’ll bring them in on the weekend


Bringing in the first batch of stuff tomorrow. Got a few hundred resistors and a basic range of film/electro caps.

If there could be some sort of storage arrangement there that would be great!