Inductions for making sawdust

Hi All

Most of the machines in the woodshed having inductions written up now. The next trick is to get people inducted with said material!

The inductions are for any member regardless of skill level, and on all the machines and electric hand tools. (Note Jed runns the cnc)

Provided everything in the woodshop is sorted out for reshuffling everything. The inductions can start on the 30th and 31st. At this time you can DM in discord so we can arrange dates and time. The inductions are basic, and straight forward, about 1/2 hour for each machine, and only 2 machines at a time.

This is so knowledge doesnt get forgoten through over stimulation (wrong word but you get it).

You get to keep the paper work on each machine you are inducted on, so you will always have that referance. Help and assistance is unconditional. So if you have questions or problems i offer support online or in person, for as long as you need to feel safe and confident on any particular machine.

Related to inductions, im also offering help and support in creating your projects! If you want to brain storm, work out what tools to use, or if you just need a simple cut so you can get on with you project i will be available for that too!!