Woodshop induction help


Some one mentioned an optimistic time line for the woodshop to open in March. I forget if this was a casual hope or an actual goal.

If it is the later, I’m going to need some help. The shifting and sorting of equipment, signing where everythinng is ment to go, and running people through inductions when it’s time, are things I can all do happily.

It’s the writing of the inductions that I suck at completely.

I would love go through the machines with some one, one morning or afternoon, and do it as a partnered job.

We can discuss safety stuff, how to use the equipment, and take my understanding of the machines in a written format that is 10 x better than my crap.

Otherwise the whole thing will need to be overhauled by some one anyways. So I’m trying to cut down the work load and the double work loading.

Can I have a volunteer or 2?

I can bring my laptop along and do some scribing work, either this Saturday or next? :blush:

That would be amazing! :grinning: ill hit you up in discord

If I can line up with your schedules - happy to assist :blush: also happy to help proof read safety documentation if it would assist, given I use a lot of comparable tools at home.

This would be epic. I am lineing up time with emily. So how about i and emily do that, then we can poliah things off, details ect later?

I have no experience with woodworking tools but keen to get inducted in due course. Happy to help review any documentation.

Thanks Carmel!

Its lovely to have some support, ill go through things with Emily and Dan.if i need further backup your next on the list.! Thanks again!

Hi Carmel

Are you interested in creating induction materials with me, to help get the woodshop up and running. I have some time this week and weekend if thats suitable?

If so send me a message on discord. Zak Crow, my details should be in the general channel too.