Woodwork Basement Area Planning

Heya, thanks @Zak_Crow, Akshay, Garry, Jedd and others who are keen to help get the woodwork area up and running properly! Thought I’d start a forum thread so everyone can contribute their ideas to the discussion.

Here’s a link to the document that is being used to organise all the induction videos, checklists, and quizzes: Woodwork Induction Planning - Google Docs

There was also some discussion today about further optimising the layout downstairs so feel free to throw your thoughts here.

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Me and Garry organised the machines yesterday, and conceotualised plans for the future lay out f the room.

Basicaly, cut up the racking to fit it in the vault. And have benches with machines down both sides of the room. Work benches in the middle. Yay!

I have finished the documentation for the machine details and their general uses, excep a drill press that i missed!